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Skin Microbiome for all

Hello I'm Vivian Pradera-Robinson, (simply known as Viv), founder of Blubiome Beauty. Born and raised in Miami to Cuban parents fleeing the Cuban Revolution. Fast forward a few years, and here we are.

Becasue we are not all the same, our skincare needs will vary. For example, I have sensitive skin, and have struggled my whole life to find "gentle” products suitable and safe for my particular skin type. Blübiome
Beauty is the result of my lifetime of researching science-backed skincare formulations that would not only nourish your skin but protect it.

While we don’t all share the same type of skin, we do all have a naturally occurring microbial population that resides on and in our skin.

In the moments between searching for products suitable for sensitive skin paired with a deep, shared lifelong love and appreciation for nature and community, Blübiome Beauty was born.

I reside, with my husband John, in Austin, Texas where Blübiome Beauty is headquartered. 

Thank you for taking time to read my story and for becoming part of it by supporting Blübiome Beauty.