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The Best Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

The Best Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

Posted by John C Robinson on

A skincare routine for oily skin is imperative. Summer is here and whether you live with dry heat or with humidity, your skin is changing as the temperatures rise. In this post, we’re going to cover the best AM and PM skincare routines for oily skin so you can greet the sun as cool as a cucumber.

The 4-1-1 on Oily Skin

Oily skin occurs when the glands in your skin that produce oil, the sebaceous glands, are overactive. There are a few things that go into why some people have oily skin and why some people don’t:

  1. Genetics: The bad news? Oily skin can run in the family. If one or both of your parents has struggled with oily skin, you’re more likely to deal with it, as well.

  2. Age: Some people grow out of their oily sheen as they get older. For many, the overactive sebaceous glands that cause the excess oil in the first place start to slow down as we age. If you have oily skin right now, you may not always have it, but it’s essential to check in with your skin to see how it’s doing as you get older. The skin you have now may not be the same type you had 10, 5, or even 1 year ago.

  3. Location: If you’re genetically prone to oily skin, then areas with a hot and humid climate are not your skin’s best friend. However, oily skin isn’t necessarily the reason to pack up your bags and move!

  4. Season: Knowing that hot and humid areas can exacerbate the oil production in your sebaceous glands, it stands to reason that Spring and especially Summer are more challenging times of the year than Autumn and Winter when the temperature starts to drop, and the humidity is replaced with colder winds.

  5. Pore type: If you have large pores, you’re more likely to have oily skin. Your pore type can depend on many factors like your age, weight, and if you’ve struggled with acne. While products may promise to “shrink” your large pores, it’s safer to make sure you blot your face throughout the day to help remove excess oil and help prevent breakouts.

  6. Product use: Your oily skin can be negatively impacted by using the wrong types of products. Often, people with oily skin try to dry their skin out with astringents, but this actually makes your skin produce even more oil. Using the right skincare products and having the proper skincare routine for your oily skin can be the difference between a healthy glow and an oily sheen. 

So, now that we know what factors can make your oily skin even oilier, let's talk about the right skincare routines.

AM Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

Your morning and evening skincare routine may not be entirely different, but there are some things that can be done in the morning that can set you up for better skin throughout the day. 


    1. Wash your face: First of all, wash your face. The product you used before you went to sleep, as well as debris like dead skin cells, are on your face; without a gentle cleanse, you’ll just be adding more and more to your face, which will send your sebaceous glands into overdrive.

      Use a gentle cleanser like an oil cleanser. While this seems counterintuitive, oil cleansers are actually remarkable for oily skin; not only do they help gently remove debris so your pores can breathe, they also help build up moisture in your skin, so your sebaceous glands aren’t on red alert to produce more oil.

    2. Use a hydrating toner: A toner doesn’t have to be an astringent, or drying; it can help hydrate your skin. Remember, your skin is producing oil to help prevent it from drying out. So, if you try to dry out your oily skin, you’re just tgiving it more reason to produce more oil. 

    3. Hydrating serum: If you’re wearing makeup or going bare-faced for the day, a hydrating serum can help hydrate your skin.

    4. Moisturizer is clutch: Now that you’ve hydraited your skin, you want to seal that in with moisturizer which can help create a protective barrier to seal in hydration and help keep your skin smooth and even during the day.

Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

If the morning skincare routine for oily skin is about prepping your skin for the day, the evening is for washing the day away and getting your skin ready to rest and repair. 

  • Wash your face: Use a double cleanse technique to get make up, product, oil, dirt, and environmental debris off of your skin.

  • Exfoliate (1 -3 times a week): While exfoliating is a great way to help slough off dead skin that is too stubborn to come off during a normal cleansing, it can also irritate your skin if you do it too much.

  • Masque up (1 - 3 times a week): Charcoal seems to be the most popular ingredient at the moment to help get a deep, detoxifying treatment. Other active ingredients like lavender, vitamin C, and bentonite clay are also recommended for oily skin detoxes.

  • Use that hydrating toner: Like in your AM routine, use your hydrating toner to help rid your skin of the day.
  • Moisturize again! You can use the same moisturizer as you did during the day, as a night cream is often heavier and can worsen already oily skin. Keep it light!
  • The best skincare routine for oily skin revolves around you

    Remember that you’re not fighting against your skin, you’re working with it! The more natural ingredients you use, the better. While it may feel counterintuitive to hydrate and moisturize your oily skin, stick with your routines! Over time you’ll see a big difference in the way you look and feel. Just remember: you’re beautiful regardless of what skin type you have. There is always something special about you that makes you who you are.

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