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Diet and Skin Connection

Diet and Skin Connection

Posted by John C Robinson on
A lot of the time, we think of the look and feel of our skin as a product of many factors we can’t control. And it’s true: our genetics and the natural cycles of our hormones do impact our skin significantly. But that doesn’t mean that the only way to improve our skin is to attack it from the outside with various products, hoping to beat our skin into submission.


In fact, we can actually impact our skin from the inside, too. We’re talking about diet, of course, which has a major influence on our overall skin health. In addition to all of the other ways that it’s good for you, eating a healthy diet can help you achieve and maintain glowing, radiant, balanced skin. This article explains why and how.

The Connection Between Diet and Skincare

How many times have you heard that age-old idiom, “you are what you eat”? Well, it’s quite true, especially when it comes to your skin. The food you eat is broken down to become the building blocks of what your body is made out of. In short, the healthier you eat, the healthier your skin will look and feel.

A nutritious, varied diet and plenty of water will lead to youthful, plump, glowing skin. And, on the flip side, a poor diet can make your skin look dull and sallow and even cause conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis to flare up. So the next time you look in the mirror and wish for improvements to your skin, consider looking to your diet as a way to do so.

Foods to Eat for Good Skin

So what does a healthy skin diet look like? Well, here are some foods that can help make your skin look better.

Foods High in Antioxidants

One of the processes by which skin is damaged is from the release of free radicals, which can be formed from sun exposure. Antioxidants are compounds that can naturally fight free radicals, protecting your cells and reducing damage to the skin. This means that foods high in antioxidants can help keep your skin looking younger for longer. Some of the foods with the most antioxidants include blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, plums, and artichokes. Yum!

Foods High in Vitamin A

Vitamin A is known to be a key factor in the health of our skin, with many topical skin care products formulated to contain it. But, of course, you don’t have to rely solely on smearing vitamin A on your skin if you’re getting enough of it in your diet. Foods rich in vitamin A include liver, fish, dairy, sweet potatoes, and kale.

Foods High in Healthy Fats

To keep your skin membranes healthy and able to keep harmful substances out of the cells, fatty acids are essential. When you eat a diet with sufficient essential fatty acids, your cells can better hold on to their moisture, leading to plump, young-looking skin. It can also prevent heart disease, which harms skin cells. Foods naturally high in essential fatty acids include fish, nuts, canola oil, and flaxseed.

Foods High in Selenium

The mineral selenium plays a key role in your skin cells’ health, able to protect them from sun damage and the kind of oxidative damage that is associated with cancer. So, in addition to wearing SPF, eating a diet high in selenium can help keep your skin safe from the sun. Foods with a lot of selenium content include whole grains, dairy, and fish.

Green Tea and Water

Of course, a healthy diet isn’t only about what you eat, but what you drink as well. Two beverages that can contribute to the health of your skin are green tea and water. In addition to making your skin plumper and less dry, drinking plenty of water assures that nutrients are getting to your skin and toxins are being flushed out.

And green tea, in particular, can be seen as something of a healthy skin elixir, as it has anti-inflammatory properties that protect the cell membrane and can even prevent or reduce the risk of skin cancer by reducing the risk of damage from UV light.

Caring for Your Skin

To complement a healthy diet, a natural clean beauty skincare regimen is essential. Blü Fern’s plant-based skincare products work in the same way a healthy diet does, introducing naturally healthy ingredients to your skin’s microbiome so that it can maintain its moisture, youthfulness, and natural protective layer which is essential. Check out Blü Fern’s products to enhance your skin’s natural beauty today.


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